Brain Music

9 Mar

Now whether we like it or not, we know that music affects our moods.  It can get us singing, dancing, crying, and feeling. In my life, I’ve (too often) yearned for a soundtrack.  But then I’m melodramatic.

Ba ba ba.  BAH BAH BAH!

Case and point:  I recently had a friend ask:  “I’m sorry I didn’t call you but how did you handle Michael Jackson’s death?”  He was serious.

At least I don’t have Bieber-fever.

Yet :P.

So, given my enchantment with beats, I was really interested when this was sent my way.  (Thanks!)  It is about Music Therapy.  Doctors and therapists are using music to create alternate pathways in the brain (towards language production), so that patients can relearn speech when speech centers are damaged.  How cool is that!

Also, (my heart is beaming now!), according to the article:

“Music is also linked to brains areas that control memory, emotions*, and even movement. ‘The thing about music is that it’s something that’s very automatic — part of our old brain system, … If I play a rhythm, I can affect the rest of the body*. The body naturally aligns with a rhythm in the environment.'” (*Emphasis Mine)

This means that music not only makes us feel, but music can initiate an adjustment to our overall mood because of its great beats.  Accordingly, when we hear music our brain processes it in ways that facilitate a mind-body connection and (depending upon your musical selection of course!) a chance for a positive shift in emotion.  Movement and good times follow in harmony.

Turns out dancing is good for more than just the waistline :).

And, since I mentioned him…

Have an even BETTER day!


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