GaGa Gross!

6 Mar

Confession:  I love Lady Gaga.  When I lived with Matt Savoie he said I was his Gaga and it felt good.

(In fact, I owe him a dance montage next time I see him… :p)

Now, I don’t scamper around in leotards (I think I paid those dues in skating) but I do appreciate her underlying messages.  Be bold.  Be yourself.  Dream in techno color-bubble-stuffed animal-meat(?)-empowered audacious fashion.

And, I DO love her overt beats.  I can’t help myself :).

But, when I read THIS I had no words.  There is an ice cream shop making breast milk ice cream (!?!) and somehow there is a questionable Gaga homage…  I’m not quite sure if this is baby talk or a big deal.  And, the WHY is beyond me.

Of course, people are certainly crying about it!

I’ll stick to Cayuga Lakes Creamery.  Delicious!


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