4 Mar

I wanted to post that yoga means union.  As I was told, Yoga:  to yoke, join together, or unite.  And, it does mean this.

But it also means much more…

Nowadays, yoga is a fitness trend, a marketing tool, a state of consciousness, and a butt-type.  Wahoo.

More than translation or (re)interpretation though, the interesting question to me is the ‘how’?  How exactly are we bringing ourselves together?

I teach yoga.  I teach a lot of yoga.  Most people come in to exercise away from the chilly tundra bitch known as Ithaca– *Now with GREAT summers! Some people want to hear about the philosophy behind what they are doing.  Most do not.

So what does that mean?  And, can they escape it?  If I am coming in and being (in a sense) forced by the practice to notice my own shit, as I connect to my body and notice my mind / ego barking at me like a rabid dog, then I am strengthening my consciousness.  I am in union with my body, my mind, and my breath, in those best blissful, harrowing moments working to notice them all and not run with any of them.  I am doing the yoga.

As a teacher, I am continually honored to be a part of this experience.  I get to help facilitate (or at the very least witness) moments where people come back to themselves.

Not that they always do.  We have many students that come to work-out, flirt!, fill their days, or continue that laundry list / storyline while they practice.  And, this is okay.  It may change.  It may not.  They may not know it has changed.  Until it’s too late…

That’s why she may have a point.  But, I don’t know.

I’m not one to say though.  I did just teach another Frat :).  And, we had a Rockin’ good time.

And, what one of their mentors told me after made it even better.  He said:  “This was something they got to do together to bond that didn’t involve drinking, behaving poorly to women, and getting messed up.”

To me that’s yoga.  Coming together.

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