What you don’t know…

3 Mar

Could be funny?

So, I was jogging the other day and I was reading a junky tabloid magazine (neatly tucked into The Economist of course!) and there was a section where a person revealed 25 things that people didn’t know about them.  I got to thinking…  What are 25 things that are ‘secret’ about me?  I don’t actually know where this will go but this seems like a fun ( / insert your subjective adjective here _______) exercise!

25 things revealed…

-In no particular order-

1)    I really don’t like my birthday.  It’s not an age thing.  It’s a string of horrifying cringe-worthy stories kind of thing.  But don’t feel bad.  I’ve got plenty left :).

2) I sucked my thumb for entirely too long.  Headgear too long.  I know.  I know!

3)    I once did not talk for an entire weekend.  I think I cheated though because I wrote.  It was really hard.  Try it!

4)    I would LOVE to live in Paris one day.  Or, at the very least, have an apartment there :).

5)    I love bed.  Pillows especially.  My FAVORITE pillow does not stay with me anymore.  Things are better when shared.

6)    I once jumped off a gorge (the safe kind) to impress a guy.  What impressed me the most was the wedgie I got.  Wicked.

7)    I plan to write a book one day.  I’ve even started it.  Got bravery?

8)    I miss skating with a partner most days.  I got very attached to having someone holding my hands.  I think this makes me extra touchy in relationships.  Be warned.

9)    I am constantly amazed at my friends.  They are some of the kindest, coolest, smartest, most thoughtful people I have ever met.  I hope they do not figure me out.  😛

10)  When I am having a bad day, I try to smile more.  Marina used to say:  “perform how you want to feel.”  It pissed me off.  But she may have been right…

11)  I try to randomly feed expired parking meters.

12)  One of my favorite ‘games’ is to do dramatic readings of pop songs.  Try Lovegame (lyrics).  PRICELESS.

13)  I add cinnamon to EVERYTHING I bake.

14)  I REALLY want to be fluent in another language.  But, I guess really is not enough to do it.  Hmmm….

15)  I’ve had my heartbroken.  I’m glad for it.  Or, I will be.  More for the strength and compassion bank.

16)  I once had to be taken off of a parade float by golf cart because of a full bladder.  This situation was probably exacerbated because Justin decided to have me do copious amounts of twizzles, since he thought my predicament was funny.

17)  I HATE shopping.  Unless of course you are talking about farmers’ markets and groceries.  Then I’m happy to meander.  But, malls make me super anxious.

18)  One of my secret dreams is to have a whole restaurant burst out in song.  (And, NOT happy birthday.)  I am continually trying to make this happen.

19)  I once convinced a person to spit his chewed up hot dog into another person’s mouth (to then be consumed) for a show.  I thought it was beautiful—like baby birds feeding.  Most people did not.  Affective success!

20)  I drink a cup of coffee with cocoa, honey and half & half almost every day.  I do not think I could stop.  Don’t make me…

21)  I try to make eye contact and smile at people when I’m walking about on the street.  This has not got me into too much trouble.  Yet.  It has presented me with some interesting conversations though.

22)  I once tried to give a homeless guy some edamame.  It did not go well.  I do not recommend this.

23)  I REALLY stink at technology.  I cannot use an iPhone.  Enough said.

24)  I always (still) put my right skate on first.

25)  My unmentionables have to match.  I said it.

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