28 Feb

So, I was at a great Oscar party last night (thanks C.!), until I awkwardly made a gaffe by yelling loudly at the T.V.


I do that all the time…  It’s a good thing my friends love me 😛 .

My hysterics were over the treatment of one:  Ms. Natalie Portman.  (Now admittedly, I may have some excess baggage around the film character she is currently getting acclaim for.)  Ms. Portman was kindly escorted to the Oscar stage by her soon to be husband (and baby-daddy but I digress…).

In watching the act, I was transported back to chivalry — the courtship of romance and respect.  Much like with in my experiences with Ice Dance, the male was there to offer support and regality, as the lady blossomed.  It is through this performance of roles, that expectations can become heightened and things seem then more special.  It’s like a gift.  How we wrap it actually introduces an expectation and a value that we place upon it.  There is something to be said for ceremony.  And stickers 🙂 .

Now Ms. Portman’s escort may have been just for show (and a gaffe?), but then I thought about it.  I gaffed because it was so strikingly out of place.  Upon reflection though, I do not believe that the gesture was anything other than lovely.  I mean, nowadays, I can hardly get a walk to my car.  Where have all the ‘man’ners gone?

A quick internet browse reflects, we are setting the bar really low.  Toilet seats and ‘please and thank you’…  ‘Looking vs. staring’.  COME ON!  You can do better fellas.  And, why not?!

It is like one of my teachers always says:  “What you can do –you must.”

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