Because my dud post got away…

26 Feb

I actually DO want to respond to one other thing in that article.

The author states that pre-adults:  “expect their careers to give shape to their identity. For today’s pre-adults, ‘what you do’ is almost synonymous with ‘who you are,’ and starting a family is seldom part of the picture.”

Um, while this seems embarrassingly true, this makes me SO sad.

My life experience:

I’ve already done the ‘what you do = who you are’.  It was called ‘Jamie is a figure skater.’  It was not a good fit for me.  I remember feeling so horrible when I was really sick and Igor came by to inspire me with the most lovely compliment. He said:  “I was a skater just like Mozart was a musician.  I needed to skate.  It was who I was…”

I didn’t know that I was a leather and steel.

In all fairness though, I’ve loved and ached for what I’ve done.  And, skating is deep in my heart.  He was definitely right about that.  Skating gave me an opportunity to connect.  To connect with me.

I love to skate.


As I’ve matured and done some soul-searching, I have come to appreciate the constant qualities within me.  Compassion, love, the ability to keep questioning, movement, brash laughter, and a willingness to work– these are attributes of mine that I get to take with me.  Simply, they are not what I do; it is much more fundamental than that.

I’m lucky.  I’ve gotten to share myself through different things I’ve done.  I get to do this everyday!  Still, I am cognizant to remember that I should not identify myself by what I am doing.  It’s limited and short-sighted.  It leaves me at risk for feeling gone.

None of us need to take this risk.

So, if you want to chase a career– GREAT!  But, that job will not be who you are.  You are SO much more.  Already.

We talk about this in yoga sometimes but it’s important to share:

You are already fine.

As, you are.  Everything is workable.

When I can remember that then I can try.  I can be me.  I can fail.  I can love.  Any time.

All the time.

Without waiting.  Dud be damned :p.

And, WITH the entire family of love I get to receive. ❤

Now we get to get back to the fun stuff!  I have a ROCKIN’ yoga workshop and a FRAT yoga class to teach at Mighty Yoga!  Playlists and pics to come 🙂

Or you could join me…


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