I’m Contagious!?

23 Feb

We’ve all been warned by our parents about ‘catching’ a cold.  Did you know that you can catch an emotion?

And, beyond catching something, some people are hyper-sensitive receivers and some are hyper-expressive carriers / “senders.”  This means (according to Malcolm Gladwell ) that some people can have an “enormous” amount of influence over others’ emotional states without saying anything.

What was most interesting to me was the description of some of the qualities of a sender.  Senders tend to:  laugh loudly (I’ve been told I cackle), dance when they hear music (of course!), be adept sending seductive glances (someone followed me to work the other day…  But that was just weird.  And, for the record, I only SMILED :p), and not shy away from attention.

Of course, it not quite that simple.  We all have days where our emotional energy does not feel like our own, or how we remember it to be.  And, while it may seem freeing to run or habituate, it is not a zero sum game.  If you can remember (from you science days!) that energy is finite.  So, somebody loses.  Usually, in the end, it is us.

For me then, the moral of all this emotional ping-pong is to stay in the game.  Better still, maybe we can even train ourselves to take a second and stop to look at it our emotional shifts.  Start to meditate.  Read more.

Or, just sit with your loved ones and be loving.

Be loved.

This one seems to work too:

And, of course, smile! 🙂  I hear it’s catching…

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