Surrounded by Reality?

21 Feb

I live in Ithaca, a place where people proudly sport bumper stickers on their cars which read:  “Ithaca- 10sq. miles surrounded by reality”.  This weekend, that definitely seemed true.  Case and point:  Chili-fest!

Ithaca periodically holds street fairs / ‘fests’ dedicated to a product or a season.  In truth, it is just a time to invade our downtown, hawk goods, people watch, and for me to dance crazily without regard.  (I tend to do that last one without a ‘fest’ — mood permitting :p).

At our fairs, there are always ridiculous demonstrations and contests.  Cook-offs, karaoke, beat poetry, and the like.  You name it.  We’ve tried it.  This weekend, I thoroughly enjoyed marveling at the:  “Best Moustache” (non-twirlers need not apply!) competition, because, really–how could I not?!  How have we overlooked this place to achieve?  Facial hair and beans– how did I not realize this connection?!

It’s a pity I had to go to that darker ‘but I’m a woman’ place.  Beards vs. Babies. But I digress…

And, of course, what ‘fest’ would be complete without some gratuitous nudity.  (Or, for memory, a pic!)  Here’s one of mine:

Jamie does New Roots

Oh Ithaca!  You are (10 sq. miles) too much.  🙂

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