Nerd Alert

17 Feb

Who is Watson?

So, it’s official.  We are peons.  (Wait a second…  Haven’t we always been?)  The super-computer schooled us fleshy folk in the thing they call “Jeopardy.”  Have a look:

That clip actually came from a practice round but you get the idea…

As it has been explained to me, the computer did so well because of it’s (super-secret) ability to parse data–TONS of data–and, then find pluck out the relevant strand.  This ability differs from how humans usually interpret situations; we are great at seeing haystacks, but when we need to find the needles it takes us a while.  Sometimes, we even need to talk it through :).

In fact, our mind will NEVER have the processing power of dear Watson.  But, I feel okay with that.  I’ve got (the now ‘peon-ed’) google.  I’ve got a new hope for her: 

And, I’ve got the ability to dream.  To feel.  To love.

I think even though he lost the game Ken Jennings was right to say “bet on humanity.”*


*Now with robot processing options :p


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