4 Feb

Hey Friends!

I don’t know if you know about this but I’ve been doing a karma project for a while called BEyoga (Body Empowerment Yoga).  I started this project as a compliment to some of the advocacy work I’d been doing with eating disorder recovery.  My passion for yoga teaching had been budding and I had already started working a bit with women in recovery.

Then, after a fight with M. (thanks for holding me SO DARN ACCOUNTABLE!) I looked into the mind-body connection we, as teachers, so often speak about.  Would a yoga class that focused on empowerment and catching that shitty mental rhetoric be valuable?  Could I work to craft a class around affirming our innate strength and hearing our deepest-seated confidences?

I knew that yoga was becoming standard practice in eating disorder treatment.  In fact, I’d already guest taught a few classes for SolStone.  But still, I wanted (or M. insisted!) to know the facts.  What is the connection between eating disorder recovery and a yoga practice?

Have you seen this?  Yoga can offer a mindful space to quell the mind.  Clients in recovery are reporting that they gain time away from their disordered voices.  And, this!  There is research that suggests that:  “yoga practice is associated with greater body awareness and responsiveness, which, in turn, are associated with lower levels of trait self-objectification, greater body satisfaction, and lesser disordered eating attitudes.”  It can be inferred then that:  the more we check in and respond to ourselves, the less likely we are to feel objectified, victimized, or powerless to our environment.  Starting at the most basic level, yoga trains us to hear and respond to those cues.

I continue to learn and I continue to investigate.  Within my head, on my mat, and what these amazingly brave clinicians are doing.

And, I also try to offer.

So, if you are in the Ithaca area, come join me tomorrow at Mighty Yoga for BEyoga from 2-3PM.  The class is free.  All monies (100% yo!) donated go to a local eating disorder recovery center.

And, if you have questions, thoughts, or want to make a donation, please contact me at: or leave a comment…


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