26 Jan

Yes.  I know it’s not a word.

Still, I think it’s an important concept to grasp.  When I’m doing things, I try to ask myself:  1) Is this nourishing some aspect of me? AND 2) Is this good for me?  If it’s a fail on both then I’m NOT in a good place.

Take exercise for example.  Turns out I like to run!  (Yes, even in spite of my mini-boobs :p).  I did not know this though.  I did not know this because I used to run exclusively during “psycho-Russian training” camp (technical term).  My running at this time climaxed when a random Russian trainer made us do sprint drills in a child’s playground, while he sipped on a vodka-laced drink.  The weeks ended with aches, shin splints and compliments on our physiques.

Not nourishing.  Not good for me.

Food is another good one.  One of anything can probably be argued into the ‘yes’ category.  (Or, at least given a pass for a smile.   DELICIOUS)  When we starting eating (or not eating) THE WHOLE PAN now that is another story.  (And, yes, these stories will come…)

So now I look at extremes.  I look at limits.  And, I try to ask…  Nourish-trition?

What’s your answer?

One Response to “Nourish-trition”

  1. danielle January 26, 2011 at 8:16 pm #

    SO useful. Now the hard part would be asking those questions BEFORE you’ve eaten the whole plate of cookies….
    Also – I think you should coin that term. Nourish-trition. Maybe that could be the name of your book???

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